About us

Everyone has something around their home, up in the attic, stuffed in a closet, or junking up their garage — that they want to get rid of!

As a person-to-person trading site, Yardsale is here to help you sell or auction all that stuff.  Grab your phone and snap some pictures of all the things you want to sell and post your items to sell or auction in hundreds of categories, including collectibles, antiques, sports memorabilia, toys, dolls, figures, coins, stamps, books, magazines, music, pottery, glass, photography, electronics, jewelry, tools, clothes and much more.

We have all the buying and selling features that people expect, such as live bidding, buy out, make offer, and auction sniping, as well as taking care of auction participants: bid via proxy, instant bidding updates and bid retraction.   Yardsale is easy to set up and easy to use.

Sellers can leave behind product-by-product listing in favor of uploading a single CSV file via our Bulk Lister, and those that have been selling on Ebay, they can take advantage of our Ebay Importer.  Of course you can list each item individually if you wish.

Best of all, you can join Free!

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